Ruth Agbaji writes an article for Entrepreneur Magazine diving into why being a franchise system helped Code Wiz survive COVID-19.

Want to know one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made as a small business owner? Whether or not to become a franchisor and turn my brand into a franchise system. Turning Code Wiz into a franchise system came with many hard moments that challenged me as an entrepreneur. But becoming a franchise system has also rewarded me in ways I could have never even imagined. The other thing I could have never imagined? Living through a global pandemic as a business owner and leader.

But here I am. The proud owner of a franchise business and a survivor of 8-months of Covid-19 and the health and economic impacts it created. I am grateful every day – for both the health of my family and that I turned my business into a franchise. Because turning my business into a franchise system helped it survive Covid-19…READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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