About Us

What is the Code Wiz Franchise?

Code Wiz is a coding and robotics education franchise. We run award-winning coding and robotics classes for kids ages 7-17 to help them unlock their inner genius by learning to express their creativity through coding.

Our Mission

We believe every child who comes through our doors can be successful given a supportive environment. We create customized, engaging opportunities for every child to learn coding skills, regardless of whether they love math!

Our Why

The Code Wiz Franchise empowers kids to take control of their lives. Learning to code is like teaching children the language of modern creativity. The skills that kids build in our classes open up job opportunities in the future and expand the realm of possibilities for that child.

Our Goal

CEO and Code Wiz Franchise Founder, Ruth Agbaji, once said, “I just know that the next Steve Jobs will come from Code Wiz.” Ever since that day we use this as our goal. By using this as our foundation, we create a community where every child has the tools and support to unleash their inner genius every day.

Our Core Values

  • Families First: We welcome Code Wiz kids as though they were our own.
  • Creating Wow Moments: We nurture kids’ curiosity and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Mastery = Self Esteem: We give kids the ability to master STEM skills and boost their self confidence.
  • Transparency and Trust: We create trust by offering transparency in our programs and pricing.
  • Continuous Improvement: We keep up with tech industry trends and advances.
  • Prioritizing Success: We create success by prioritizing excellence, service, and accountability.
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