Why Computer Science is an Ideal Industry for Children’s Education Franchise Opportunities

Do you have a child with big dreams? As a parent, one of our greatest hopes for our children is that they will have the opportunity to go after their dreams. One of the best ways to give our kids opportunities in our modern world? Computer science education.

Did you know that the first computer program was written 100 years before the first computer was built? The first computer program was written in 1843 by Ada Lovelace. Yes – a female mathematician wrote a computer program 100 years before the technology was created that could run that program!!

Computer science allows dreamers, creatives, and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world to turn their dreams into reality, IF they know how to write the software. Learning to code is like learning the language of modern creativity. Giving our kids that language is like giving them the tools to reach their biggest dreams.

Why Computer Science Matters

The reality is that technology and computer science are integral to every commerce industry today. And every day the need for coders, programmers, those who understand the field of computer science is growing.

In healthcare – computing is part of operating rooms every day and it is enabling breakthroughs like contact lenses that detect levels of insulin for people with diabetes.

In our homes – we are automating everyday tools like our heating systems, refrigeration, and alarm systems.

In entertainment – blockbuster movies depend on computer science to bring new characters to life and provide us new, completely animated worlds.

Even if a child is not interested in STEM or a career in IT, learning computer science skills are important. When you are facing a big, ambiguous project at home or work, computational thinking and problem solving processes can help you break this problem into smaller chunks. Recognizing what’s important and what needs to be solved first are critical thinking skills that are valuable in ANY context.

Teaching kids computer science and coding is giving them the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and language skills to express their creativity and make something new. We can do better than simple technology literacy – we can make kids creators of technology.

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The Demand is Growing Every Day

According to a recently released Gallup survey of parents and school administrators shows that nine out of ten parents WANT their child to learn computer science. And why wouldn’t they? It creates an abundance of future career opportunities, builds critical-thinking skills, and is a fantastic creative outlet.

But according to our Access Report, just 45% of high schools teach computer science courses. There are currently no expectations in K-12 Schools that students will gain even a basic understanding of computer science concepts. Also disappointing? Out of all the computing jobs in our entire economy, women only make up a quarter of that workforce.

Code Wiz has noticed the lack of computer science opportunities for kids in the K-12 school systems and the demand from both children and parents for this kind of education. We are helping solve this problem by creating coding programs specially designed for kids to gain the understanding and language of modern creativity and opportunity.

When it comes to Child Education Franchise Opportunities, Computer Science is a high-demand, rewarding option!

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