Franchise Marketing Radio Features Ruth Agbaji of Code Wiz

Ruth Agbaji is the CEO and Nerd-In-Chief of Code Wiz and has a passion for helping kids connect with their inner genius. Through an interactive and project-driven approach, Code Wiz offers kids a wide variety of technology that aids the expression of their creativity.

Agbaji’s love for coding was simply love at first sight – so much so that she taught herself to code! Loving this newly found “power”, she proceeded to get a Masters in Computer Science from Tufts University and work as a Software Engineer for tech giants like Microsoft and Kronos. Desiring to make a direct impact on the next generation and having a need for flexibility, in 2017, Agbaji quit her day job to open Code Wiz.

Listen to the full interview here.

Her vision was to have a center where kids of all abilities could come and learn about problem-solving through coding and explore every corner of their imagination as they poured themselves into personalized projects. With her first center a success and two franchisees growing and thriving, Agbaji is looking to grow Code Wiz into a household brand name in the enrichment education space.

Topics and Questions in this Interview

  • Why Ruth started Code Wiz
  • Code Wiz vs. other after school educational programs
  • Unexpected successes with the children
  • Why would someone want to align as a franchisee?
  • Why would someone want to join a new franchise instead of a well established one?

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