Franchise Return

Calculating Your Earning Potential

The earning potential for each Code Wiz Franchise location varies with geography, staffing, rental costs, and time put into the business. Legally, you are required to crunch your own numbers and be satisfied with your own business plan. But we want to make this process as easy as possible for you! To help you calculate your costs and revenue potential, we provide you:

  • Revenue Models
  • Average Pricing
  • Average Costs Analysis

The Five Code Wiz Revenue Streams

  • Monthly class memberships. We have a rolling enrollment structure so families can join any time of the year.
  • Camps/Summer Programs. For in-person camps there are week-long camps offered while online camps are broken into two-hour blocks.
  • Birthday Parties. Both Birthday Parties and the Parent’s Night Out events are excellent brand-awareness opportunities.
  • Parent’s Night Out.
  • Business to Business. In the past Code Wiz has partnered with businesses like Google to create fun and engaging “Bring your kids to work” days.
Learn How Our Business Model Looks Post COVID-19