Children’s Education: Always a Good Investment Opportunity

Being a business owner is incredibly rewarding. Seeing your mission being carried out each day by a team, and watching your company support local families has to be one of the best feelings out there.

Unfortunately, owning a business also comes with a lot of ups and downs. In 2019, no one anticipated having to navigate business ownership through a pandemic! Managing a team of people and communicating with customers through economic hardship, health emergencies, and an ever-changing social climate is no easy feat.

We truly never know what is going to happen in the world and how it might affect our business. This is why it is so important to own a business that will last – and even thrive – through these challenges.

The Recession Proof Industry

Children’s Education is one of the few industries that maintains a very consistent – and even accelerated – return in times of economic hardship. This is based on a variety of reasons.

  • Parents want their children to thrive as they enter adulthood and seeing the world undergo challenges actually encourages families to invest in their child’s future by registering for more extracurricular educational activities.
  • When times are tough parents want their children to keep busy and productive. Signing them up for extra classes and activities keeps kids busy and happy as they learn and create future opportunities.
  • Children’s Education is an industry that can easily pivot. Code Wiz quickly adjusted our classes and camps for online and virtual learning during the COVID pandemic, meaning more kids could maintain their classes and routine with us.

Children’s Education Franchise: An Affordable Investment Opportunity

Starting a business always takes moolah. No getting around that. But accessing funding, applying for loans, and understanding the investment and ROI doesn’t need to be done alone! Buying a franchise means you buy into a support network and some proven processes (like a launch plan and budget materials) already done for you!

If you are seeking an affordable business startup that will thrive through hard times, starting a children’s education business through an established franchise could be an incredible investment opportunity for you. Compared to a franchise investment like McDonalds ($1,008,000 to $2,214,080 initial startup costs) a children’s education franchise is an affordable option when you are looking to start a successful business.

Rewarding Through the Ups and Downs

Another reason children’s education businesses are always a great investment opportunity? It is an incredibly rewarding industry. Watching children learn, supporting local families, helping your community grow, and knowing you are creating a real, lasting impact through education are all ways this industry rewards business owners. If you are someone who loves to see the impact they are creating, and see legacy as part of their business ownership ROI, this industry could be a great fit for you.

If you have a passion for technology and are seeking a family-friendly franchise opportunities, we’d love to connect and tell you more. Contact Umit Soltani, Director of Franchise Development, at or 302-559-5406.

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