Ruth Agbaji writes an article for Entrepreneur Magazine exploring the influence Madam C.J. Walker had in the Business and Franchise Industries.

Another  has come and gone, but per the findings of a new study commissioned by Groupon and the National Black Chamber of Commerce: Educating ourselves on the adversity African Americans have always faced in the workplace MUST be a year-long thing.

Depressingly, 80% of black  owners polled stated they faced more challenges getting their business off the ground due to their race while 85% claimed they had to overcome more obstacles than their non-black peers. Fifty-nine percent reported being victims of bias or racism when starting their company.

All the more reason (even in March) to be aware of the franchising savant, philanthropist, and one of the country’s first African-American female millionaires that was Madam C.J. Walker. She still has much to teach us 101 years after her death…READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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