Entrepreneur Magazine features Ruth Agbaji, founder of the Code Wiz Franchise, in an article on outsourcing a virtual army to grow your business.

Let me just start by saying that I am a really hard worker. Not as a brag or anything but as a fact. I am a mom of two, a CEO, a franchisor, a black woman in STEM, and an immigrant. There’s a lot that comes with all those identities. I am no stranger to hard work and the do-it-yourself attitude. But do you know what else is true about me? I am an awful graphic designer and an even worse bookkeeper!

When I started building my business, Code Wiz, I was determined to be resourceful and do as much as possible on my own. I hear lots of new franchisors say the same things. Most of us are self-funded and we all want so badly to avoid wasting resources on tasks that feel like we can “just do ourselves”. After all, how hard can some spreadsheets and social media posts be, really?…READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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