Ruth Agbaji Named 2020 Woman Small Business Owner of the Year

According to the U.S. Bureau’s Economic Census, franchises in the US are central to the success of the industries we know and love. When you think of franchises, the restaurant industry might come to mind. But the success of franchising stretches well beyond fast-food.

According to Statista, franchises in the US contributed $787.5 billion to the economy in 2019. That’s equal to the value of the Red Sox 966 times over. But why are people opting to buy a franchise over starting a new business?

A successful business model already in motion

Starting a business can come with a lot of unknowns. This is even truer in the uncertain times we live in today. But a franchise provides you with the opportunity to skip the start-up stage. The wheels are already in motion and have been proven to work.

By no account does this mean you’re buying into an instant success. Owning a business will always come with its own risks. But a franchise offers you:

  • The opportunity to build success without the time needed to start a business from scratch
  • The flexibility to be your own boss without the worry of doing it all on your own
  • The guidance and experience of a successful team and business model
  • Higher success rates than a non-franchise business

Congressional recognition as the gold standard for small businesses

Our CEO and Nerd-In-Chief, Ruth Agbaji, found success in the world of franchising with Code Wiz. Here, we inspire the next generation to learn coding, programming, robotics, and electronics.

During National Small Business Week, Ruth was named the 2020 Woman Small Business Owner of the Year for Massachusetts.

The House of Representatives awarded the certificate for consistent revenue growth and dedication to educating and preparing children for the future. They described the franchise “as a model for all businesses across our great nation”, and Congresswoman, Lori Trahan, highlighted Code Wiz as “the gold standard for small business success”. 

The ambition behind the mission

Ruth, our CEO, grew up in northern Nigeria with few resources. But driven by a passion to learn, she taught herself how to code using a laptop she received through public help.

At university, she developed an app to allow teachers to administer tests online, saving them countless hours and resources. She credits this experience as the beginning of her journey towards the creation of Code Wiz.

In 2017, after starting a family, Ruth launched the franchise. Since opening, we have provided over $10,000 in scholarships to our students, transforming the way they engage with technology.

Her story is truly inspirational, and her business inspires children to learn STEM in fun ways” said SBA Massachusetts District Director, Robert Nelson“I look forward to hearing more about her national franchise expansion in the future”.

Share in the success of Code Wiz

The pandemic has shaken most businesses, some beyond repair. But the crisis has opened new opportunities for Code Wiz, as we’ve welcomed remote learners from across the globe.

90% of parents in the US want their children to study computer science, yet schools are behind on teaching coding. Code Wiz fills this gap. We serve high demand in an underserved market and we’re well-placed for future franchise expansion.

With low overheads and multiple revenue streams, we offer high returns and flexibility to those who are looking to become their own boss, while having a lifelong positive impact on kids’ education.

Are you interested in building your own success and the success of the next generation? We’d love to chat. Contact us here.