Our Ideal Franchise Owner

Our Ideal Franchise Owner: Are You a Good Fit?

Do you have a passion for education? Do you care deeply about making an impact on the next generation? Do you like to have fun? We do, and we are looking for franchisees who share our passions!

Our priority is finding franchise owners who love the Code Wiz brand, are excited to create a thriving business, and appreciate that part of the ROI of Code Wiz is seeing the impact you make in children’s lives.

Take a look at our list of Franchise Owner Success Factors and see if you make a great fit!

  • Grit and moxie!
  • Business management skills. (IT experience not required!)
  • People skills and specifically enjoys working with kids.
  • Passion for making a difference in the community and in the lives of children.
  • Entrepreneurial minded.
  • Motivated to work in education.
  • $150k minimum net worth.
  • $50k minimum liquid capital.
  • Creating impact is seen as part of your ROI
  • Growth minded.
  • Listen to this great podcast episode about what makes someone a top-performing franchisee: DNA of a Top Performing Franchisee

The Code Wiz Franchise Growth Goals

At Code Wiz we believe in strategic growth. We think brand success comes from successful franchise owners, not from the number of franchise owners. We are all about quality over quantity! Of course, the more units we create the more brand awareness for us all – but we never sacrifice the quality or integrity of the brand for the sake of growing our units.