Training and Resources

How We Support You and Your Business?

One of the best parts of being a franchise owner is that you are not alone in running your business. We offer all kinds of training and ongoing support with our franchise owners: We want to see you thrive!

Besides all of our partners, support, and training, we of course have our operations manual that is shared with every franchise owner. This is a living, breathing document and we love when our owners ask for clarification because we get to improve our manual as we all grow the brand together.

Launching Support and Training

  • Established curriculums and training. We provide specific Code Wiz training, not STEM training. This is why we recommend locations near universities and colleges where there are computer science students looking for positions in the industry.
  • Access to 3rd party start-up financing. We have partners to support you.
  • Pre-opening marketing support. We have partners to support you, including digital marketing companies and a PR professional to help plan your launch.
  • Design and build-out support for locations.
  • Real estate & development assistance. We have partners to support you.
  • Equipment and supplies guidelines.
  • Over 100 hours of training online and in person.
  • We have a living, breathing operations manual.

Training and Operations Support

  • Enrollment & curriculum support
  • Ongoing training and operational coaching
  • Brand-wide supplier contracts for lower inventory costs
  • Marketing templates and guidance on planning & placement
  • Finance reviews and KPI benchmarking
  • Continued franchisee/corporate coaching calls
  • Franchisee Innovation Summit

Marketing Support

  • Automated marketing system
  • Website continuously optimized for on page SEO
  • Weekly emails to your email list
  • Pre-created social media graphic and post ideas
  • Print marketing templates
  • Online store for ordering branded merchandise
  • Listing on all the major business directories
  • PR releases for major milestones
  • Facebook and Google ads announcing grand opening

Business & Technology Support

  • Family management software for daily operations. This is a BIG part of the job and having the software that we know works well is incredibly helpful for getting started.
  • KPI reporting and dashboards.
  • Accounting and financial management systems.