If you’ve ever wondered about buying an educational franchise, know the chips are in your favor. Whether you’re committed to education, business leadership, or the branded experience, it’s time to explore your options.

What They Are

In a nutshell, an educational franchise operates as a business outside of the school system. Most are designed to educate children, while others focus on extracurricular education. Like other franchises, an educational franchise is owned by an individual and managed by a larger company. This provides you with the authority needed to offer esteemed programs, such as Code Wiz code training, while still allowing flexibility in offerings and management.


Who They Serve

These franchises serve students and their families in the educational sector. Depending on the type, they may also offer specialized programs in areas like coding, robotics, or STEM. Code Wiz programs, for example, are available for children who have shown an interest in creating their own platforms or applications and have a focus on active, project-driven learning.

Business Benefits

Franchises can be found in every city across the US for a good reason. Here’s what to expect from these popular buy-in businesses:

Capital Alternative

Simply stated, franchising acts as an alternative to capital acquisition. Most entrepreneurs appreciate the idea of growing their businesses without a high risk of debt. That’s why relying on an existing brand and successful marketing strategy appeals to budding business owners.

Business Scalability

Unlike starting your own small business from scratch, franchises offer greater initial scalability. For example, you’ll be starting your journey with an existing customer base, and marketing collateral is often provided. In essence, this means that businesses with existing infrastructure and corporate policy don’t have to reinvent the wheel, which makes life easier for you.

Lowered Risk

Franchises are the business equivalent of a turnkey model — most of the work is done for you. Because so many business decisions have already been made, many of the risks are someone else’s responsibility. That means investment costs, hiring, inventory, and equipment leasing are laid out from the beginning and are often easier to recoup.

Educational Benefits

Educational franchises support schools and families by design. Here are a few of the upsides specific to the niche:

Specialized Services

Education is a broad sector that gives you the freedom to specialize as needed. For example, Code Wiz focuses on programming and coding for kids ages 7–17. You, as the franchisee, can provide personally tailored experiences for each child, as although programs are standardized, the focus on the individual and practical learning allows each child to zero in on their specific interests. 

Intensive Programs

Beyond yearly programming, educational franchises can offer extra courses over summer and winter vacation as well as during other school holiday periods. Consider offering a summer school, coding boot camp, or other intensive courses in-person or remotely. Code Wiz camps are a great example of the type of success that these types of programs can provide for both organizations and students.

Education by Age

Many franchises service families with school-age children. As the franchise owner, you’re free to appeal to certain age groups or a large swath of students. Tutoring or educational needs in your community may not be evenly distributed by age group, so do your research before selecting courses to offer and ensure you’re meeting both community needs and organizational goals.

Bridging the Gap

On October 12, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education launched YOU Belong in STEM to enhance STEM education in its public schools. (What’s more, it specifically references computer science as a part of STEM.) Courses like coding and robotics teach students valuable skills for future employment in our increasingly digital world. That’s why educational franchises with related programs support the initiative.

Giving Back

Not all businesses emphasize giving back. In this case, educational franchises let business owners contribute to their communities over time. Whether you’re interested in setting up shop close to home or offering scholarships for particular classes, there’s more than one way to pay it forward.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’d like to learn more about supplemental services or starting your own business, keep these franchises on your radar. Their relative stability and niche-friendly format are certainly worth considering.

Got any other questions? If so, we’d love to help. Reach out for more information about service offerings or franchising opportunities. We look forward to connecting!